Scientific facts about mating and dating

Learn how to attract people by understanding what attracts them to the opposite sex. All these facts are interesting, while some may be surprising. Here are a few scientific facts about mating and dating:

Men Find Women Who Blush More Attractive

Blushing is a sign that you’re attracted to someone, and men are more likely to be interested in those lady Adelaide escorts who blush. But why does it work this way?

Blushing happens when your body reacts to an emotional trigger by sending blood rushing to the face and other areas of the body. This response is involuntary, as you can’t control it or stop it from happening. 

So if a guy notices that he makes a woman blush, he’ll assume something about him makes her feel good. Because boys like that feeling too, especially when they’re around someone who responds that way too, so they’ll want to stick around with this person. 

Women Find Men With Deep Voices Very Attractive

According to researchers, this is because a deeper voice indicates that a man has larger testicles and a larger penis. In other words, if a man has a deep voice, it means that his sperm count is higher than average and therefore, so is his fertility level.

A deeper voice also indicates higher levels of testosterone. Women can’t tell if a man has a deep voice or not by looking at him. They just know they’re attracted when they hear one. 

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Men Who Are Highly Stressed Are A Turn-Off

Women are less attracted to the smell of a man’s sweat if it contains 2-hydroxy octanals. This chemical indicates stress or anxiety.

High stress levels are actually a common sign of low confidence. This is one reason why women find men who are stressed out less attractive. 

Stress can be caused by a lot of things, such as anxiety, poor diet, lack of sleep and exercise routines. In general, though, if a man feels stressed or anxious around women, they’ll pick up on that vibe and think he isn’t confident enough.

Men’s Mating Choice Is Based On Their Senses 

There may be some truth behind the old wives’ tale about how men can tell how fertile a woman is by looking at the lips because his mating choice is based on the body language or scent rather than what she looks like. 

If these things don’t match up, it will turn off the man. When he doesn’t get that sense from the way she acts or smells, then he will lose interest in her quickly, even if she is physically attractive.

Men are more attracted to women with a high estrogen ratio over progesterone, and the same applies to females. This means they’re more likely to bond if they share the same hormone levels.

In Conclusion

It’s important to remember that these things aren’t set in stone. A man can learn how to lure in women by understanding what attracts them to the opposite sex. However, remember that everyone is different.